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Slovenian developer and producer of toys and other products for strengthening cognitive abilities is looking for producers for manufacturing agreement

A Slovenian company is a developer and producer of products and toys for preserving and strengthening cognitive abilities, sensory and motor skills of elderly, people with dementia and children. They are looking for experienced producers for manufacturing agreement for their newly developed products (board game, wooden tabletop game and wooden (layer) puzzles).

Innovations in medicine and technology have greatly contributed to increased life expectancy in modern societies and the number of elderly is increasing. Due to several factors, cognitive functions of every individual start to decline at around the age of 30 and in later years this can lead to dementia and other issues with memory, sensory and motor skills. As a consequence, the quality of life is impaired and this can eventually lead to dependency on outside (expert) help for normal life and usual activities.

Studies have confirmed that while this process cannot be prevented, it can be slowed down. Tasks that activate several cognitive functions at the same time, are considered to be more efficient. With physical activity, solving challenges and similar tasks, different parts of a brain are activated. In other words, new neuron connection is established with each task. Repeating the same task or activity strengthens this connection and as a consequence people become more efficient in performing specific tasks.

Based on these findings, a Slovenian company has, since its foundation in 2017, focused on preserving the vitality of the mind and the sensory and motor skills of the elderly, as well as children, along with the fulfilment of free time with their range of products. The latter are being developed in a cooperation with experts on the fields like psychology, gerontology and occupational therapy. Products are tested with the elderly and children in different environments. Feedback is used for further improvements.

Main segment of their products are wooden (layer) puzzles, wooden tabletop games and board games. The puzzles  and games are designed in a way that makes the assembly simple, but also beneficial to strengthen cognitive functions, motor skills and visual spatial perception.

The board game consists of 96 cards where the size of each card is 20x20 centimeters, since they are meant for elderly who have vision problems. With cards comes a board (52x52 centimeters), that can be folded and placed in the box. The board’s size is in this way halved (26x26 centimeters) to the approximate size of this box. There are also 5 wooden, non colored pawns with height of around 4 centimeters and in different shapes, since the purpose is to have them distinguished by shape, not by color. Final part of the set is a wooden dice with dimension of 4x4x4 centimeters.

The wooden tabletop comes with 2 playing boards, where cutted felth with 16 holes is positioned on the wood. There are 32 playing props, preferably made of lightweight wood, with 2 printed images – on top of the prop is a multi color image, while at the bottom is a single color image. Every prop has a different image.

With wooden tactile puzzles as a motive, dog-shaped fabrics are used. The dimensions of the puzzle are 40 x 30 cm. The puzzle needs to be made of wood (preferably steamed beech) and coated with natural oil.

Wooden layer puzzles are puzzles in several layers. For example, it can be in 4 layers, where each layer is a different puzzle, but placed on a smaller one. While the board is perpendicular, each piece of the puzzle has asymmetrical shapes. Flat puzzle pieces don’t have a pin to attach them to a board.

The company is looking for experienced producers for manufacturing the above mentioned products. Partners from Poland or Czechia are preferred but producers from other countries are also encouraged for cooperation. Envisioned form of cooperation is manufacturing agreement, where the partner will take care of production and the company will provide necessary information for manufacturing.



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Sunday, 22 November, 2020